SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the buzzword of internet marketers. The art of getting organic, free traffic that converts into sales and you have no marketing overhead. I was on an SEO webinar last week where the presenter talked about social bookmarking tools as part of an SEO strategy. That it’s important not only to bookmark your homepage, pages and posts. But even the article pages that published your article or the content pages you published on.

I should also bookmark all those article URLs when I start getting confirmation emails that my article has been accepted. So you can literally get hundreds of article sites publishing your content and the best practice is to bookmark each article URL. That’s a lot of work if you’ve ever tried to do all your social bookmarking by hand.

Of course, there are some free social bookmarking services on the Internet that allow you to post your URL to social bookmarking sites. The best service out there will get you posted to around 79 sites almost automatically and for FREE. Of course, you have to set up each individual account, which can take hours. If you want to create more than one account on the website, it will take a lot of time.

If you are good at your SEO, then you also create pages on Wikis and other content sites. Of course, you also need to bookmark them. Pretty soon it’s pretty obvious that if you can automate any part of this process. It will save you hours of time that you could be writing content or doing something. You enjoy more than repeatedly creating an account and submitting URLs. To be honest, this is not the most enjoyable part of SEO for me.

The good news is that there are programs that will automate your bookmarking for you. I was recently looking for a suitable program to buy. I currently use the free online versions, but with all those bookmarked links. I install the program, set it up, and let my computer sit and work while I create on the Mac.

Choosing the right software is really important, so I’m going to list the features you need to look for in a bookmarking program.

Price – Some of the posts I’ve read on the forums have people complaining about the price of the better programs. But clearly this isn’t social bookmarking as it should be. If they were, they would realize the thousands of dollars saved in time by automating the bookmarking process.

Automatic User Account Generation –

You may know this but when I created all the accounts on Ping dot fm it took me hours and you may know how much time it takes. There are programs that will automatically create accounts for you. You may need to check your email and confirm account creation, but you don’t need to go from site to site.

Random Usernames on Accounts –

In conjunction with the time-saving feature above. There are programs that also generate random usernames so they look more real.

Social Bookmark Scheduler –

Want to make bookmarking feel natural and human, including when to create a bookmark. My research has concluded that there is only one program that allows you to schedule your social bookmarking. This is how it looks naturally.

Numerous accounts on each website Social Bookmarking –

The program you want allows you to manage numerous accounts on each bookmarking site. This way you can have more than one social bookmarking page link on the same article page.

Add Social Bookmark Pages – Most programs will only load the main social bookmark pages. There are more than a hundred social bookmarking sites, and new sites appear regularly. A good program will allow you to add additional pages for social bookmarking. You want to get your links on as many sites. As possible, remember that links. Whether they are followed or nofollow, can all drive traffic to your site.

Social Bookmark Automatically –

Obviously, you’re buying this software to automate more of your tasks. So in addition to creating your account automatically. You want the program to automatically publish your website bookmarks.

Rotate the title, description, and labels –

You want to make sure that the program not only posts these three elements to your social media tab. But also rotates the information to make it look more natural.

Automatic Email Verification –

When you submit your social bookmarks, some sites will send you a confirmation email. There are programs that will check your email account and automatically activate the link. The number of hours you will save using automation will be incredible.

Domain Crawler –

If you’ve been blogging for a long time, you might be thinking that bookmarking all those pages and posts is too much of a chore? There are programs that will send a robot to crawl your website and create a list of pages. You can then load them into the program and set the Title, Description and Labels, schedule a bookmark and go get a pizza.

RSS Crawler –

Some programs will even crawl RSS feeds so you can load them into the program and bookmark them as well.

Automatic ping –

Some programs offer a ping service. Enter your website and use the program to ping it. Be careful with excessive ping as there are wordpress plugins for ping and other services. If you appear to be pinging excessively, it may look like spam.

Creating and managing projects –

Have you ever used a program that didn’t allow you to back up all your work? Make sure your software saves projects so you can return to them and even export them for safekeeping.

Randomize settings –

To ensure that all your social bookmarking accounts are not identical. (example: have the same number of outbound links and tags). You can randomize them by determining what percentage of your pages and tags are used for bookmarking.

Human Simulation and Anti-Bot –

There is only one program that I have found in my research. That offers this human simulation with submission limits and even slow down to mimic human submission. You’ve heard it time and time again that it’s best to keep things looking natural. The game is not “do it” but “do it right”.

Multi Threading –

This is consistent with most software, meaning it is capable of performing a large number of tasks simultaneously.

Proxy Servers –

If you want to use proxy servers, make sure the software you purchase is programmed to do so.

Captcha –

There is software that will integrate third party services. That will decaptcher captcha pages and do it automatically.

In conclusion, you should see that choosing the right social bookmarking tools based only on price would be a big mistake. I checked out a number of social bookmarking tools in my usual Excel spreadsheet. And decided and I’m so happy I did and have already saved hours and hours of time. I was so excited that I wanted to share this good news with other people who are in the decision making process.

We wish you success in your social bookmarking. Remember, “Don’t save a dime and you’ll lose a dollar.”

Bill Wynne has been an internet marketer since 1999. He has been successful in a number of niche markets. He recently decided to start his own blog where he decided to share his internet marketing knowledge. He offers many free tools and articles as well as special offers on his blog.

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